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AD-001 Petition for Adoption and Name Change 5/1/2022
AD-003 Consent of Other than Parent 2/1/2020
AD-004 Consent of Person (12 Years Old or More) to be Adopted 4/1/2020
AD-005 Consent of Parent to Adoption 9/1/2019
AD-006 Consent of Parent to Adoption (Outside Maine) 2/1/2020
AD-007 Confidential Statement to Accompany Petition for Adoption 9/1/2019
AD-008 Report of Disbursements 9/1/2019
AD-009 Certificate of Counseling 9/1/2019
AD-012 Petition to Terminate Parental Rights in an Adoption Matter 10/1/2019
AD-015 Surrender and Release of Child for Adoption 10/1/2019
AD-017 Waiver of Notice by Putative Parent 10/1/2019
AD-020 Petition for Annulment of Adoption Decree 10/1/2019
AD-022 Petition for Information or to Examine Records 10/1/2019
AD-029 Statement Regarding Tribal Affiliation 5/1/2022
BCCP-2010 Foreclosure Answer and Request for Mediation provided by Maine Bureau of Consumer Credit Protection (BCCP) 1/1/2010
BCCP-2021 Defendant's Answer to Complaint (Credit Card or Student Loan Collection Actions) by Maine Bureau of Consumer Credit Protection (BCCP) 10/1/2021
CR-003 Termination of Surety Agreement 7/1/2015
CR-004 Bail Lien 7/1/2015
CR-010 Motion to Amend Bail 7/1/2015
CR-011 Victim Confidential Address 7/1/2015
CR-030 Consent to Proceed in Absence of Defendant (For Class D & E Crimes ONLY) 7/1/2015
CR-083 Request to Transfer for Plea and Sentence 7/1/2015
CR-112 Agreement of Defendant and Order Deferring Disposition 10/1/2021
CR-127 Notice of Fine and Plea/Answer 7/1/2015
CR-140 Petition for Post-Conviction Review 4/1/2019
CR-228 Request for Fine Payment Modification or Extension of Time to Pay Fine 9/1/2017
CR-230 Statement of Prosecuting Attorney Regarding Domestic Violence Intervention 10/1/2021
CR-234 Treatment Court Referral Form 4/1/2022
CR-235 Entry/Bail Contract and Order Admitting Defendant into Maine Treatment Court 11/1/2019
CR-236 Authorization to Release Information within Maine Treatment Court Teams 7/1/2018
CR-237 Maine Treatment Court: Court Observation Confidentiality Form 7/1/2018
CR-238 Maine Treatment Court: Plea Agreement and Waiver of Rights 11/1/2019
CR-239 Maine Treatment Court: Request to Travel Outside County of Residence 7/1/2018
CR-240 Maine Treatment Court: Participant Testing Policy 7/1/2018
CR-242 Maine Treatment Court: Petition to Advance to Phase 2 11/1/2019
CR-243 Maine Treatment Court: Petition to Advance to Phase 3 1/1/2019
CR-244 Maine Treatment Court: Petition to Advance to Phase 4 11/1/2019
CR-245 Maine Treatment Court: Petition to Advance to Phase 5 11/1/2019
CR-246 Maine Treatment Court: Petition for Commencement 11/1/2019
CR-248 Maine Treatment Court: Prohibited Substances Agreement 11/1/2019
CR-249 Maine Treatment Court: Participant Handbook 11/1/2019
CR-250 Maine Treatment Court: Plea Agreement and Waiver of Rights (Probation) 2/1/2019
CR-251 Maine Treatment Court Physician and Pharmacy Conditions 2/1/2019
CR-258 Request for Notice to the Secretary of State - Murder/Manslaughter 5/1/2022
CR-259 Request for Notice to the Secretary of State - Assault/Crim Threatening/Reckless Conduct 5/1/2022
CR-266 Notification to the Court by the Commissioner of Health and Human Services 7/1/2022
CR-CV-214 Request for Inclusion on Juror Source List 7/1/2015
CR-CV-FM-199 Notice of Change of Address 7/1/2015
CR-CV-FM-255 Notice Regarding Electronic Service 12/1/2020
CR-CV-FM-265 Request for Remote Hearing Coordinates 7/1/2022
CR-CV-FM-JV-021 Entry of Appearance 12/1/2020
CR-CV-FM-JV-166 Motion for Transcript at State Expense 10/1/2021
CR-CV-FM-PC-200 Social Security Confidential Disclosure Form 7/1/2015
CR-JV-032 Motion for Assignment of Counsel, Affidavit and Release 1/1/2018
CR-JV-126-W Notice of Suspension (FOR INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY) 9/1/2017
CR-JV-253 Notification That Observation is No Longer Necessary and Order Terminating Commitment 11/1/2020
CV-001 Civil Summary Sheet 12/1/2021
CV-007 Complaint for Residential Forcible Entry and Detainer 10/1/2021
CV-037 Subpoena on Motion for Contempt (*Self-represented parties must obtain this form from a clerk's office for a $5.00 fee) 6/1/2014
CV-060 Request for Withdrawal (Minor's Settlement) 6/1/2014
CV-061 Affidavit & Request for Default and Default Judgment 10/1/2022
CV-066 Petition & Order for Military Certification 6/1/2014
CV-067 Application to Proceed Without Payment of Fees 6/1/2020
CV-072 Motion for Service by Alternate Means and Affidavit 8/1/2020
CV-092 How to File a Civil Appeal 8/1/2019
CV-100 Instruction for Filing a Residential Forcible Entry & Detainer (Eviction) Case 10/1/2021
CV-145 Report of ADR Conference and Order 1/1/2002
CV-172 Newspaper Cover Letter (Service by Publication) 6/1/2014
CV-173 Verification (of Publication) 8/1/2020
CV-181 Request for Renewal Writ of Execution 8/1/2020
CV-183 Complaint for Recovery of Personal Property (Summary Process) 6/1/2014
CV-187 Notice of Appeal for Recovery of Personal Property 6/1/2014
CV-188 Request for Issuance of Writ of Possession for Personal Property 6/1/2014
CV-191 Financial Affidavit 6/1/2020
CV-195 Request for Issuance of Writ of Possession 2/1/2013
CV-204 Affidavit of Service, FED 8/1/2020
CV-206 Notice of Appeal and Affidavit, FED 4/1/2014
CV-207 Consent for Expedited Final Hearing (Foreclosure) 9/1/2015
CV-208 Request to Schedule Expedited Final Hearing (Foreclosure) 9/1/2015
CV-218 Instructions for Filing a Summary Personal Property Recovery Case (To be used in place of CV-182 while COVID procedures, PMOs, and the PMP is in place 8/1/2020
CV-222 Application for Transfer to Business and Consumer Docket 4/1/2014
CV-223 Judicial Recommendation to Transfer to BCD (USED BY JUDGES - THIS FORM IS MADE AVAILABLE FOR PUBLIC INFORMATION ONLY.) 10/1/2014
CV-256 Residential Forcible Entry and Detainer (Eviction) Information Sheet and Mediation Request 10/1/2021
CV-261 Contract Case Cover Sheet 6/1/2022
CV-267 Request for Issuance of a Subpoena Under the Uniform Interstate Depositions and Discovery Act 9/1/2022
CV-CR-162 Notice of Appeal 7/1/2015
CV-CR-163 Request for Protection 7/1/2015
CV-CR-JV-165 Transcript and Audio Order Form 7/1/2015
CV-FM-036 Acknowledgment of Receipt of Summons and Complaint or Post-Judgment Motion 2/1/2021
CV-FM-103 Notice of Hearing (Contact the Court to obtain the Court location, hearing date, and time which are required on this form to be served with FM-214.) 10/1/2015
CV-FM-201 Instructions for Service by Alternate Means 4/1/2013
CV-FM-202 Affidavit that Service was Completed by Alternate Means 8/1/2020
CV-FM-203 Request for Hearing (Registered Order) 7/1/2020
CV-FM-260 Motion for Alternative Format for Court Proceeding 2/1/2021
CV-FM-270 Motion for Appointment of Court-Paid Referee 2/1/2022
CV-FM-271 Consent or Objection to Appointment of Court-Paid Referee 2/1/2022
CV-FM-273 Notice Preserving Right to Object to Court-Paid Referee's Report 2/1/2022
CV-FM-274 Referee's Case Management Conference Order 2/1/2022
CV-FM-275 Objection to Court-Paid Referee's Report 2/1/2022
CV-FM-277 Zoom Participant List 2/1/2022
CV-FM-278 Report of Court-Paid Referee After Settlement Conference Without Agreement 8/1/2022
CV-FM-280 Information for Parties Participating in Court-Paid Referee Hearing or Settlement Conference 2/1/2022
CV-FM-JV-PB-PC-269 Guardian Ad Litem's Motion for Pre-Approval to Exceed the Voucher Cap 10/1/2021
CV-FM-JV-PC-024 Guardian Ad Litem (GAL) Voucher 9/1/2022
CV-FM-PA-058 Affidavit and Request for Registration of Foreign Order 7/1/2020
CV-FM-PA-PB-PC-268 Order Appointing Guardian Ad Litem Under M.R. Civ. P. 17(b) 11/1/2021
CV-FM-PB-221 Amended Order Appointing Guardian Ad Litem (GAL) 10/1/2021
FDP-002A Plaintiff's Foreclosure Mediation Information 9/1/2014
FDP-002B Defendant's Foreclosure Mediation Information 9/1/2014
FDP-003 Motion to Waive Mediation in Foreclosure Action 6/1/2014
FDP-004 Motion to Continue Mediation in Foreclosure Action 5/1/2012
FDP-006 Request to Include in Foreclosure Mediation 5/1/2012
FDP-007 Request to Extend Time for Foreclosure Mediation 5/1/2012
FDP-010 Joint Motion to Stay Foreclosure Action Following Mediation 6/1/2013
FM-002 Family and Probate Matter Summary Sheet 7/1/2020
FM-004 Complaint for Divorce 7/1/2022
FM-006 Complaint for Parental Rights & Responsibilities 7/1/2022
FM-008 Petition for Expedited Enforcement Of Child Custody Determination 8/1/2020
FM-020 Entry of Appearance (Defendant) 2/1/2020
FM-040 Child Support Worksheet 2/1/2020
FM-040-A Supplemental Child Support Worksheet 2/1/2020
FM-042 Certificate in Lieu of Financial Statement 8/1/2020
FM-043 Financial Statement 1/1/2021
FM-050 Child Support Affidavit 6/1/2020
FM-052 Federal Affidavit 8/1/2020
FM-054 Certificate in Lieu of Case Management Conference 2/1/2020
FM-055 Verification of Diligent Job Search 8/1/2020
FM-056 Certificate Regarding Real Estate 8/1/2020
FM-057 Affidavit of Confidential Address 8/1/2020
FM-062 Motion to Modify 8/1/2020
FM-064 Petition for Emancipation 10/1/2021
FM-065 Request for Appointment of Counsel for Emancipation 2/1/2020
FM-068 Motion for Contempt 2/1/2020
FM-070 Motion to Enforce 8/1/2020
FM-071 Objection to Magistrate Final Order 2/1/2020
FM-073 Deferral of Case Management Conference 2/1/2020
FM-080 Divorce with Children - What To Do With These Forms 12/1/2020
FM-081 Divorce without Children - What To Do with These Forms 12/1/2020
FM-082 Parental Rights and Responsibilities Case: What To Do With These Court Forms 12/1/2020
FM-084 Child Support Table 1/1/2017
FM-087 Important Information Regarding Case Management Conference 7/1/2022
FM-088 Motion to Modify: What To Do With These Court Forms 12/1/2020
FM-089 Motion to Enforce: What To Do With These Court Forms 12/1/2020
FM-090 Motion for Contempt: What To Do With These Court Forms 12/1/2020
FM-093 Foreign Judgments: What To Do With These Court Forms 2/1/2020
FM-108 Important Notice About Mediation 2/1/2020
FM-132 Child Support Order 6/1/2022
FM-136 Conditional Income Withholding Order for Spousal Support 2/1/2020
FM-137 Scheduling Order (Contempt) 2/1/2020
FM-160 Waiver of Appeal 2/1/2020
FM-181 Verified Application for Issuance of Warrant 8/1/2020
FM-183 Motion Requesting Release of Address 2/1/2020
FM-186 Answer & Counterclaim for Divorce 7/1/2022
FM-187 Answer & Counterclaim for Determination of Parentage, Parental Rights & Responsibilities, and Child Support 7/1/2022
FM-214 Expedited Motion to Enforce Visitation for Military Members (see CV-FM-103) 8/1/2020
FM-216 Joint Petition for Pre-Birth Determination Involving Gestational Carrier Agreement 8/1/2020
FM-218 Motion for Expedited Hearing 8/1/2020
FM-222 Compliance Report of the Guardian Ad Litem 2/1/2020
FM-224 Complaint for Annulment 7/1/2022
FM-225 Answer & Counterclaim for Annulment 7/1/2022
FM-226 Petition for Grandparent Visitation or Great-Grandparent Visitation 8/1/2020
FM-227 Response to Petition for Grandparent or GreatGrandparent Visitation 8/1/2020
FM-228 Complaint for Judicial Separation 7/1/2022
FM-229 Answer and Counterclaim for Judicial Separation and/or Divorce 7/1/2022
FM-230 Petition for Termination of Parental Rights 10/1/2021
FM-232 Complaint for Determinaton of Defacto Parentage 7/1/2022
FM-233 Defendant's Answer to Plaintiff's Complaint for Determination of De Facto Parentage 8/1/2020
FM-234 Petition for Pre-Birth Determination of Parentage Involving a Donor 2/1/2020
FM-235 Witness and Exhibit List 5/1/2020
FM-236 Consent to Final Contested Hearing Before a Family Law Magistrate 5/1/2020
FM-237 Motion to Appear by Telephone or Video 5/1/2020
FM-243 Request for Abstract of Divorce Decree 2/1/2021
FM-PB-009 Affidavit 8/1/2020
FM-PB-125 Order Appointing Guardian ad Litem Under Title 18-C or 19-A 11/1/2021
FM-PC-003 Family Matters and Child Protection Financial Affidavit (formerly PC-003) 10/1/2021
GS-001 Petition to Appoint Guardian of Minor 1/1/2021
GS-002 Order of Appointment of Guardian of Minor and Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law 2/1/2020
GS-003 Motion of Guardian of Minor on an Emergency Basis 9/1/2019
GS-004 Order Appointing Guardian of Minor on an Emergency Basis 6/1/2022
GS-006 Affidavit of Notice 9/1/2019
GS-007 Parent's Consent to Appointment of Guardian of Minor (Interim/Final) 9/1/2019
GS-008 Acceptance of Appointment by Guardian of Minor 9/1/2019
GS-009 Petition for Modification/Termination/Removal/Resignation of Guardian 1/1/2021
GS-010 Order of Modification/Termination/Removal/Resignation of Guardian 9/1/2019
GS-012 Minor's Consent/Objection/Nomination of Guardian 2/1/2020
GS-014 Status Report of the Guardian of Minor 9/1/2019
GS-016 Child Support Affidavit 10/1/2019
GS-017 Child Support Worksheet 10/1/2019
GS-018 Guardianship Child Support Order 6/1/2022
JV-002-W Juvenile Summons (FOR INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY) 12/1/2021
JV-006-W Juvenile Conditions of Release (FOR INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY) 10/1/2021
JV-008-W Conditions of Probation (FOR INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY) 9/1/2018
JV-009-W Notice to Legal Parents and Guardians (FOR INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY) 12/1/2021
JV-010-W Notice to Juvenile of Right to Appeal to the Law Court (FOR INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY) 9/1/2021
JV-011-W Notice to Parent, Guardian, or Legal Custodian of Right to Appeal to the Law Court (FOR INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY) 9/1/2021
JV-012 Notice of Appeal to the Law Court 9/1/2021
JV-016-W Hearing Notice to Parents/Legal Custodian for Consideration of DHS Custody (FOR INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY) 12/1/2021
JV-017 Waiver of Notice 12/1/2021
JV-020 Important Notice (Failure to Comply) 10/1/2021
JV-021-W Agreement of Juvenile and Order Deferring Disposition (FOR INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY) 12/1/2021
JV-022 Proof of Community Service/Public Service Performed 10/1/2021
JV-034 Motion for Transport 12/1/2021
JV-035 Motion and Order to Continue Juvenile Case 12/1/2021
JV-040 Notice of Discharge 12/1/2021
JV-041 Notice to Individual Inspecting Juvenile Case Records 12/1/2021
JV-043 Petition to Seal Juvenile Case Records 12/1/2021
JV-044 Request to Make a Public Juvenile Petition Confidential 12/1/2021
MH-014 Petition to Dissolve Weapons Restriction Order 5/1/2020
MJ-002 Request for Civil Order of Arrest or Order for Appearance 6/1/2014
MJ-005 Answer to "Order to Hold and Answer" 6/1/2014
MJ-007 Answer by Employer to Withhold and Deliver 8/1/2020
MJ-009 Motion and Affidavit for Order to Withhold and Deliver 8/1/2020
MJ-014 Request for Restitution Order to be Made a Money Judgment 6/1/2022
MJ-015 Motion, Affidavit, and Order to DOL to Provide Employment Information 9/1/2015
MJBVB-009 Motion to Amend VSAC 8/1/2018
MJBVB-010 Motion to Continue 8/1/2018
MJBVB-017 Request for Extension of Time to Pay Violations Bureau Fine 8/1/2018
MJBVB-018 Motion to Reopen (with instructions) 8/1/2018
MJBVB-020 Notice of Appeal of Traffic Infraction 1/1/2019
MJBVB-028 Information about Traffic Violation Trials 1/1/2019
MJBVB-029 Information about Traffic Violation Appeals 3/1/2019
MJ-SC-001 Affidavit and Agreement (to pay) 8/1/2020
MJ-SC-005 Motion for Contempt 6/1/2014
MJ-SC-012 Affidavit and Agreement (Business Entities) 8/1/2020
NC-001 Petition for Change of Name (Minor) 9/1/2019
NC-003 Waiver Agreement of Name Change 10/1/2021
OTH-005 DEEP Brochure 11/1/2021
OTH-007 Media Notification - Requested Coverage of Court Proceeding 4/1/2013
OTH-008 Attorney Information Form 7/1/2021
OTH-009 Request for Record Search (All Courts and Violation's Bureau) 10/1/2015
OTH-011 ADA: Accommodation Request Form 11/1/2018
OTH-012 ADA: Grievance Form for Disability Accommodation 5/1/2018
OTH-013 Guardian Ad Litem Roster Application 3/1/2021
OTH-014 Odyssey Portal Elevated Access Request Form 11/1/2020
OTH-017 Bill for Interpreter Service 3/1/2016
OTH-019 Opt In Form For Filing Through Citrix ShareFile (Pilot Program) 6/1/2022
OTH-029 Complaint for Protection from Abuse Packet - Paper Filing 5/1/2022
OTH-030 Complaint for Protection from Abuse Packet - Email Filing 5/1/2022
OTH-031 Complaint for Protection from Harassment Packet - Paper Filing 5/1/2022
OTH-032 Complaint for Protection from Harassment Packet - Email Filing 5/1/2022
OTH-033 Motion to Extend Order of Protection Packet - Paper Filing 5/1/2022
OTH-034 Motion to Extend Order of Protection Packet - Email Filing 5/1/2022
OTH-038 A Guide to Protection from Abuse and Harassment Cases 10/1/2021
OTH-039 Complaint for Divorce with Children Packet (NOT INCLUDED: FM Summons (FM-038); this must be purchased for $5) 7/1/2022
OTH-040 Complaint for Divorce without Children Packet (NOT INCLUDED: FM Summons (FM-038); this must be purchased for $5) 7/1/2022
OTH-041 Complaint for Parentage, Parental Rights & Responsibilities, and Child Support Packet (NOT INCLUDED: FM Summons (FM-038) must be purchased for $5) 7/1/2022
OTH-042 FM Motion to Modify Packet 3/1/2021
OTH-043 FM Motion to Enforce Packet 3/1/2021
OTH-044 FM Motion for Contempt Packet - NOT INCLUDED: Contempt Hearing Subpoena (CV-037); this must be purchased for $5 or issued by an attorney 3/1/2021
OTH-045 Residential FED Packet (NOT INCLUDED: FED Summons (CV-034); this form must be purchased for $5) 3/1/2021
OTH-046 Recovery of Personal Property Packet Under the PMP (NOT INCLUDED: Recovery of PP Summons (CV-184); this must be purchased for $5) 3/1/2021
OTH-054 Instructions for Requesting Elevated Access to Electronic Court Records 8/1/2022
OTH-057 An Overview of Small Claims Court - SC Pamphlet 10/1/2022
OTH-058 Evicting a Tenant from a Residence for Not Paying Rent - FED Pamphlet 10/1/2022
PA-001 Complaint for Protection from Abuse 2/1/2021
PA-005 Protection Order Service Information 9/1/2021
PA-006 Complaint for Protection from Harassment 2/1/2021
PA-010 Defendant's Motion to Dissolve/Modify/Amend Temporary Order for Protection 9/1/2021
PA-012 Plaintiff Pre-Judgment Motion to Dismiss Complaint 9/1/2021
PA-013 Plaintiff's Motion to Extend Order for Protection 12/1/2020
PA-015 Affidavit of Confidential Address 8/1/2020
PA-022 Post-Judgment Motion to Modify/Extinguish Final Protection Order 9/1/2021
PA-024 Notice of Relinquishment of Weapons to be Completed by Law Enforcement 9/1/2021
PA-025 Notice of Firearms Relinquishment to be Completed by Defendant 9/1/2021
PA-026 Information Regarding Relinquishement of Firearms & Weapons 9/1/2021
PA-027 Information Regarding Protection From Abuse Filings by Email and Filing Certification 12/1/2020
PA-028 Protection From Abuse or Protection From Harassment: What Kind of Case Should I File? 12/1/2020
PA-030 Cover Sheet for Email Filing in Protection from Abuse or Protection from Harassment Case (PMO-SJC-3A) 12/1/2020
PB-003 Jurisdictional Affidavit 8/1/2020
PB-004 SSN Disclosure Form (AD,GS,NC) 9/1/2019
PB-010 Guardianship Case File Checklist 5/1/2022
PB-011 Private Party Adoption Case File Checklist 5/1/2022
PB-012 Name Change Case File Checklist 9/1/2020
PB-013 Instructions for Submission of VS-9 or VS-14 Form to Vital Statistics 1/1/2021
PC-034 Compliance Report of the Guardian Ad Litem 2/1/2020
SC-001 Statement of Claim 10/1/2021
SC-003 Request for Disclosure Hearing 2/1/2020
SC-005 Acknowledgment of Service (Formerly Notice of Service) 2/1/2020
SC-006 Affidavit and Request for Service 7/1/2020
SC-007 Notice of Small Claims Appeal 2/1/2020
SC-009 Important Facts If You Are Being Sued in Small Claims Court 2/1/2020
SC-010 Instructions About Service for Small Claims Actions 2/1/2020